Quick DIY Mani/Pedi at Home

It’s been awhile! Well, I’m back and here to share with you my quick and easy DIY manicure/pedicure you can easily do at home.

I’ve been on a serious budget, which means I do not go to nail salons to get my nails done. Actually, last time I got my nails done professionally was the day before I got married in November! So that means I do my nails at home. This does take time, but it is still relaxing and I enjoy doing my nails myself. I’m a perfectionist, so I actually like being able to do my nails myself because I can shape, paint, cut my cuticles, etc. to my liking. No odd shapes or anything weird happening with the polish application. Today I was in a bit of a rush, which is why this is a quick DIY mani/pedi.

Step 1. Wash your hands and feet. This step is important. Do not want to start off your manicure and pedicure with dirty hands and feet. Plus, cleaning your hands and feet will help keep your nails clean so the polish can adhere better. If you have time, use a scrub for your hands and feet.

Step 2. Trim, cut, and file your nails to your desired shape (round, oval, square, pointed, etc.). I have weak nails so I usually keep them short and rounded.

Step 3. Use cuticle oil on the cuticles of your hands and feet. Use the cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles and carefully cut excess cuticles. There is a great 3 piece kit from Ulta that includes nail clippers, pusher/cleaner, and a cuticle trimmer. Once your cuticles are nice and trimmed, clean excess cuticle oil from your nails with nail polish remover.

Step 4. Time to paint! Always start with a base coat. I always start with the Essie First Base. Time to add your choice of colored nail polish once the base coat is dry. Today I decided to go with Essie nail polish in Madison Ave-hue (love it!). This shade is perfect for summer! This polish goes on very nicely and really only needs one coat. I did two coats today. Then add the top coat and you are good to go! Speaking of “good to go”, I used the Essie Good to Go Top Coat. You can buy Essie products pretty much anywhere: Ulta, Target, local grocery store, and so on.

Step 5. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS! Since this is a quick mani/pedi, follow with the Essie Quick-E drying drops. Actually… this product should ALWAYS be used after any manicure/pedicure. This product is so legit and the best invention ever. This product is great to use even when you aren’t in a rush. All you have to do is add a drop, or two, on each nail after painting and literally like 5 seconds later your nails are dry. I usually wait about 10 minutes to touch anything (grabbing something in my purse, putting up my nail supplies, doing things around the house, etc.) because the paint is still delicate. But the Essie Quick-E drying drops work like a charm and help speed up the drying process. Plus, they help protect nails from dents and smudges during the drying process. What’s not to love?

Step 6. If you have any nail polish residue or excess on your fingers, carefully use a q-tip with nail polish remover to remove any polish that isn’t on your nails.

Step 7. Ta da! You are now done. Your hands and feet look beautiful! Once you feel like your nails are bullet proof and completely dry, follow with your favorite hand and foot cream or lotion. Today I used the Kiehl’s Creme de Corps lotion on my hands and feet.

Yellow household cleaning glvoesPro-tip: prolong your manicure by wearing protective house cleaning gloves when doing chores around the house! We already know our toe nail polish is war-proof. Seriously. How often do toe nails even get chipped from regular everyday tasks?!


There you have it! Quick and easy DIY manicure/pedicure you can easily do from home. Enjoy and good luck~


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