New Additions to my Nighttime Routine

IMG_2486Hi everyone! In the past month, I’ve added a few new additions to my nighttime skin care routine. I’m in love with all of my new products. In the past month, I’ve already noticed a great improvement in my skin. I’m so excited and thrilled to share my results of the new skin care products I started using.

I graciously received the new Lancôme Visionnaire Crescendo and Lancôme Énergie de Vie Nuit (night mask) a few weeks ago (Thank you Lancô team!). Both products are amazing and great additions to add to your nighttime skin care routine… if you do not already use these products.

To start off, I’ll review Visionnaire Crescendo. I haven’t finished phase 2 yet, but I’m about a week away from finishing it. I already feel like my skin is glowing! I love the results. Visionnaire Crescendo is a 28-night dual-phase peel. There are two phases. PIMG_2485hase 1 is formulated with 5% bio-acids such as fruit acids and quinoa husk extract that work to reduce the appearance of pores, improve skin’s texture, and radiance. Phase 1 takes approximately 14 nights, but for me it actually lasted for 3 weeks. You MUST start with phase 1 before starting phase 2. Visionnaire Crescendo works better if you do so. Phase 2 is formulated with 10% derma-acids, including 0.5% salicylic acid and 9.5% pure glycolic acid. This phase reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. IMG_2452Phase 2 is also for approximately 14 nights and I’m about one week into phase 2. This phase is definitely a bit more intense than phase 1, but that’s a good thing because it means it is working! Visionnaire Crescendo not recommended for those with sensitive skin. My skin is very sensitive above my upper lip, so in precaution I’ve completely avoided this area while using Visionnaire Crescendo. It is recommended to wear SPF 15+ during the day on your face. You should be using SPF during the day anyway!

IMG_2453Now onto Énergie de Vie Nuit! I absolutely love this product! Énergie de Vie Nuit is a hydrating and cooling antioxidant-packed sleeping mask that gives your skin a renewed glow by morning. Énergie de Vie Nuit is infused with cranberry, lemon balm, and ginseng to provide your skin with antioxidant protection from lack of sleep, high stress, pollution, and daily life excesses. This anti-fatigue face mask quickly melts onto the skin, significantly protecting against water loss during sleep, leaving the skin intensely moisturized. My skin instantly felt suppler, softer, and smoother with no oily finish or stickiness. After waking up after the first night of using Énergie de Vie Nuit, my skin felt nourished, looked refreshed and radiant.


I’ve actually had the Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Eye Cream for awhile, but I just started using it again. I’ve started using the product for real this time… I bought it before and never actually used it. I do not have fine lines or wrinkles, but everyone says we should start using eye cream while we are young in order to prevent wrinkles. I am liking this product and it definitely makes the skin around my eyes feel refreshed. But honestly, I do not know if this product truly helps with fine lines and wrinkles. I read some reviews online and people have great things to say about the cream, but also say it does not help reduce fine lines/wrinkles. Maybe this product helps to prevent fine lines/wrinkles, but not reduce them? Once I finish this eye cream, I may try something else.

IMG_2459Last but not least, the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea! I use this product morning and night. The facial spray is an invigorating mist formulated with an infusion of nutrient-rich botanicals and cucumber essential water to revive dull, tired skin. Aloe vera and cucumber – both rich in essential vitamins and minerals – deliver a cooling boost of hydration as green tea provides powerful antioxidant protection. Skin is left feeling refreshed and revitalized. Mist onto face and neck as needed. Use before moisturizer, throughout the day, or as a final step following makeup application. I love this product. Next time I really want to try the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb, and Rosewater.

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