Newest & Cutest Etsy Shop: TETRAKATE

logoIf you haven’t heard… there is a new seller on Etsy! Katelyn Hanf, owner/creator/artist of TETRAKATE, hand makes unique geometric jewelry and artwork.

Katelyn has spent most of her life in North Texas. She has always been an artist since she was young. When Katelyn was young, she loved to paint, draw, and create anything she could with her hands. She loves math and science, so it was natural for Katelyn to take on a geometric inspiration in her artwork and designs.

The brand name, TETRAKATE, came from her love of geometry. She combined the tetrahedron with her name (Katelyn), because the tetrahedron is the most simple three dimensional shape, making it a surprising source of stability. I always thought there was something profound about that.

Katelyn sells jewelry (and very soon, art) on Etsy. She has her artwork on Society6, where you can purchase her art printed on notebooks, pillows, phone cases, clothing, backpacks, and so on.

booth display


Katelyn is inspired by nature and geometry. She is especially inspired by how both are intertwined with one another. Katelyn recreates natural textures, like rock or concrete, and adds a feminine twist on her jewelry. She is obsessed with matte finishes, modern neutral tones, and natural stones, which definitely shows in her jewelry.

triangle shimmer white 002Katelyn’s main focus is on handmade jewelry and pattern design. Most of her work is heavily inspired by geometry. She enjoys making very intricate, detailed patterns out of our the basic shapes. The majority of the jewelry she creates are earrings, but she is working on necklaces and bracelets as well. She hopes to add more paintings and illustrations to the shop. She is also working on gifts, including ring dishes, coasters, pins, anything that is fun to buy for yourself or your best friends!

square cloudy green 001Most of Katelyn’s jewelry is made from polymer clay, that she molds by hand into the shape that she imagines. She fires the clay to harden it, and paints it with acrylic paint, or silver or gold leafing. If she wants a glossy, clean finish, she will add resin to give the pieces a more sleek look. She also adds raw brass to add a glamorous touch.

Katelyn’s favorites are the hexagon earrings with the shimmery clay. She also loves the two-tone earring studs with shimmery clay and matte paint. These are some of my favorites too!

The holidays are coming up and this is the perfect time to check out TETRAKATE to find the perfect gift! Any girl would LOVE a pair of cute earrings from TETRAKATE.

Etsy shop:
Society6 artist page:
Instagram: @tetrakate

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