My favorite beauty goodies!

Glossier Super Serums

I do not think I could go another day without the Glossier Super Serums. It is hard to say which serum is my personal favorite because it depends on the day. Sometimes I’m super stressed or breaking out – in comes Super Pure to heal my acne-prone red skin. Sometimes my skin is tight and dry – enters Super Bounce to the rescue. Sometimes my skin appears dull and tired and needs an energizing boost from Super Glow. You can’t go wrong with any of the serums. They are perfect for various skin problems on different days. Talk about being adaptable! Glossier is all about skin first, makeup second. I love that about Glossier and it truly shows in the quality of their products.

Essie Quick-E

I am really surprised that more people do not know about this product. It is truly amazing and definitely better than the aerosol spray can that “dries” nail polish. The Essie Quick-E Drying Drops are an amazing invention. I paint my own nails and would not be able to do so without this product. After I’m done painting my nails, I apply a few of these drops and the paint is dry within a minute or two! No more waiting for an hour under a fan trying to dry my nails.

Missha Sun Milk & Sebum Zero Sun Safe Block 

Sunscreen is SO important! No matter the weather, you need sunscreen! I love Missha and love their sunscreens. The Sun Milk is definitely my favorite, but I love how the Sebum Zero Sun Block has a mattifying affect and is less expensive. What is great about both of these sunscreens is that it does not feel or smell like you are wearing sunscreen. Check out my previous post about protecting your skin from the sun.

Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner

This product is truly amazing. I have combination skin so I always look for alcohol-free toners. Thayers is perfect for my skin type. The Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Toner has made my skin bloom. Thayers soothing rose toner is made with rose-petal water and Witch Hazel extract. I will never switch to another toner again in my life! This product is hard to beat.

Glossier Cloud Paint, NYX Illuminators, NYX Pore Filler, & NYX Matte Finish Spray

I do not know where I would be without these makeup products. I no longer have to wear foundation thanks to my amazing skin care products I use. All I need is a boost to make my skin glow! To achieve my glow, I start with the NYX Pore Filler (primer). Then I apply Cloud Paint in Puff to add a cute pink glow to my cheeks. Following with the NYX Illuminators for a beautiful highlight and additional sun-kissed glow to my cheeks. I also highlight below my eyebrows, my nose, and my Cupid’s bow. To set it all I use the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray.

Tea Tree Collection from The Body Shop

I absolutely love The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection! I use the Mattifying Lotion as my daily moisturizer, Anti-Imperfection Night Mask as my nighttime moisturizer, and use the Tea Tree Oil as a spot treatment for occasional blemishes. Tea tree is great for acne-prone skin or any other skin imperfections.

Glossier masks

These masks are life changing! They are truly great! And the packaging is sooo cute! The Glossier masks are designed to work in harmony to hit the reset button on your skin. One detoxifies, while the other hydrates. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack goes on first. Made with a gentle white kaolin clay base, plus vitamin-rich beauty foods—think of it as a juice cleanse for your face. Rinse, and follow with the Moisturizing Moon Mask. It’s formulated with honey, aloe, and plant-based squalane to plump skin up with moisture and restore elasticity. Meanwhile, licorice root and lemon extracts gently brighten. Glossier recommends 20 minutes in each mask for a total skin makeover.

It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment in Rose

This is my favorite lip product, EVER! I always get chapped lips so I cannot always rock the matte lip. This lip product moisturizers and tints my lips with a beautiful pink-rose color. The color changes depending on the temperature, which is also pretty cool! I am running out and need to buy more soon.

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