My favorite beauty goodies!

Glossier Super Serums

I do not think I could go another day without the Glossier Super Serums. It is hard to say which serum is my personal favorite because it depends on the day. Sometimes I’m super stressed or breaking out – in comes Super Pure to heal my acne-prone red skin. Sometimes my skin is tight and dry – enters Super Bounce to the rescue. Sometimes my skin appears dull and tired and needs an energizing boost from Super Glow. You can’t go wrong with any of the serums. They are perfect for various skin problems on different days. Talk about being adaptable! Glossier is all about skin first, makeup second. I love that about Glossier and it truly shows in the quality of their products.

Essie Quick-E

I am really surprised that more people do not know about this product. It is truly amazing and definitely better than the aerosol spray can that “dries” nail polish. The Essie Quick-E Drying Drops are an amazing invention. I paint my own nails and would not be able to do so without this product. After I’m done painting my nails, I apply a few of these drops and the paint is dry within a minute or two! No more waiting for an hour under a fan trying to dry my nails.

Missha Sun Milk & Sebum Zero Sun Safe Block 

Sunscreen is SO important! No matter the weather, you need sunscreen! I love Missha and love their sunscreens. The Sun Milk is definitely my favorite, but I love how the Sebum Zero Sun Block has a mattifying affect and is less expensive. What is great about both of these sunscreens is that it does not feel or smell like you are wearing sunscreen. Check out my previous post about protecting your skin from the sun.

Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner

This product is truly amazing. I have combination skin so I always look for alcohol-free toners. Thayers is perfect for my skin type. The Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Toner has made my skin bloom. Thayers soothing rose toner is made with rose-petal water and Witch Hazel extract. I will never switch to another toner again in my life! This product is hard to beat.

Glossier Cloud Paint, NYX Illuminators, NYX Pore Filler, & NYX Matte Finish Spray

I do not know where I would be without these makeup products. I no longer have to wear foundation thanks to my amazing skin care products I use. All I need is a boost to make my skin glow! To achieve my glow, I start with the NYX Pore Filler (primer). Then I apply Cloud Paint in Puff to add a cute pink glow to my cheeks. Following with the NYX Illuminators for a beautiful highlight and additional sun-kissed glow to my cheeks. I also highlight below my eyebrows, my nose, and my Cupid’s bow. To set it all I use the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray.

Tea Tree Collection from The Body Shop

I absolutely love The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection! I use the Mattifying Lotion as my daily moisturizer, Anti-Imperfection Night Mask as my nighttime moisturizer, and use the Tea Tree Oil as a spot treatment for occasional blemishes. Tea tree is great for acne-prone skin or any other skin imperfections.

Glossier masks

These masks are life changing! They are truly great! And the packaging is sooo cute! The Glossier masks are designed to work in harmony to hit the reset button on your skin. One detoxifies, while the other hydrates. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack goes on first. Made with a gentle white kaolin clay base, plus vitamin-rich beauty foods—think of it as a juice cleanse for your face. Rinse, and follow with the Moisturizing Moon Mask. It’s formulated with honey, aloe, and plant-based squalane to plump skin up with moisture and restore elasticity. Meanwhile, licorice root and lemon extracts gently brighten. Glossier recommends 20 minutes in each mask for a total skin makeover.

It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment in Rose

This is my favorite lip product, EVER! I always get chapped lips so I cannot always rock the matte lip. This lip product moisturizers and tints my lips with a beautiful pink-rose color. The color changes depending on the temperature, which is also pretty cool! I am running out and need to buy more soon.

It’s all about the skin

I turned 26 on December 1st, right after the craziest time of year in retail and ecommerce. I work in ecommerce and this holiday season was intense, crazy, and actually went amazingly well! I’m proud of what I accomplished and how awesome of a job my team did. Anyway, this holiday season took a toll on my skin and it isn’t helping that I just turned 26. I know I’m still young, but I am experiencing the first signs of aging. To help obtain the youthful glow that I had pre-college, pre-work life, and pre-baby years… it’s time to get back to the basics and focus on skin care first, makeup second.

In comes a brand I’ve been researching for a long time: Glossier. Glossier is a beauty brand that sells a variety of makeup and skin care products. They now have a fragrance scent too! I do not have many Glossier products yet, but hopefully I’ll get more soon (hint hint family – Christmas is coming up soon!). I have all 3 Super Serums, Moisturizing Moon Mask, Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Mask, and the Cloud Paint in Puff.

Glossier is all about skin first and makeup second, which is kind of my motto too. I’m all about the no makeup-makeup look and enhancing my natural beauty. I love makeup and going all out with my look, but I’ve never been the type of girl who wears heavy foundation, dramatic eyes and brows during the day, and spends over an hour doing my makeup. Even for special occasions it takes me max 30 minutes to apply my makeup. The girls with the Kardashian-style makeup are beautiful, but it just isn’t me. This is why Glossier is now my beauty best friend (BFF 4 lyfe).

Glossier lays the foundation for a beauty movement that celebrates real girls, in real life. Glossier is a new way of thinking about (and shopping for) beauty products. Glossier believes that we give life to products – products don’t breathe life into us. I love this so much and it is so true! Plus, what’s great about Glossier is that they were founded by beauty editors. It all started back in 2010 on their blog, the editors knew what was relevant (and what works). The editors, to this day, try every product under the sun, interview icons, and peek inside hundreds of fancy medicine cabinets. You could say that Glossier is distilled from years of recommendations from the coolest girls on the planet. Plus, take a look at my pics… their packaging is soooo cute, cool and simple!

As I mentioned, I just turned 26 and got through the craziest time of year in ecommerce. It took a toll on my skin and aging doesn’t help. My skin does not glow like it used to after a long, stressful day/week/month like it did when I was in high school and in my early college years. Now is the time that I need to focus on my skin.

For the past 2 weeks to help my skin heal, I’ve completely stopped wearing my B.B. cream (lighter version of foundation that still covered up my redness and occasional acne). I started breaking out from the holiday stress, my skin had a redness that wouldn’t go away, and the texture of my skin was looking rough. Focusing on my skin and not wearing foundation allowed my skin to breathe and heal.

Every night after work for the past few weeks, I would come home, wash my face, and had/have an intensive nighttime skin care routine (coming up soon on the blog…). After washing my face, I’d apply my favorite toner. I’d pick a mask from my mask collection (Glossier masks, sheet masks, clay masks, etc.) that fit the solution for my skin needs for the day. Side note: last night I used both Glossier masks and I woke up glowing today. After the masks, I’d start my moisturizing nighttime routine (also coming up soon on the blog…) and apply a Glossier Super Serum and could tell that my skin was getting better each day.

Not only has adding Glossier into my routine helped my skin, but has also helped me realize skin should come first, and makeup second. Makeup won’t solve your problems and it won’t make anything go away. It is all temporary. Wearing makeup is great, but if you don’t focus on your skin it will all be for nothing. Makeup should help enhance your beauty and not cover it up. Glossier’s ideas, brand image, and motto has helped me gain confidence to love my natural beauty and focus on skin first, makeup second, and to smile always. I’m obsessed with Glossier and can’t wait to try out more products! It is safe to say that I’m definitely a #glossiergirl.

Glossier has a great line of makeup products as well, which I can’t wait to try! There are days where I only wear the Cloud Paint in Puff. It adds the perfect amount of pink to my cheeks for a cute cheeky glow.

If after reading this post you want to be a #glossiergirl too, click the link below for 10% off your order! Come on… you know you want to (;

Newest & Cutest Etsy Shop: TETRAKATE

logoIf you haven’t heard… there is a new seller on Etsy! Katelyn Hanf, owner/creator/artist of TETRAKATE, hand makes unique geometric jewelry and artwork.

Katelyn has spent most of her life in North Texas. She has always been an artist since she was young. When Katelyn was young, she loved to paint, draw, and create anything she could with her hands. She loves math and science, so it was natural for Katelyn to take on a geometric inspiration in her artwork and designs.

The brand name, TETRAKATE, came from her love of geometry. She combined the tetrahedron with her name (Katelyn), because the tetrahedron is the most simple three dimensional shape, making it a surprising source of stability. I always thought there was something profound about that.

Katelyn sells jewelry (and very soon, art) on Etsy. She has her artwork on Society6, where you can purchase her art printed on notebooks, pillows, phone cases, clothing, backpacks, and so on.

booth display


Katelyn is inspired by nature and geometry. She is especially inspired by how both are intertwined with one another. Katelyn recreates natural textures, like rock or concrete, and adds a feminine twist on her jewelry. She is obsessed with matte finishes, modern neutral tones, and natural stones, which definitely shows in her jewelry.

triangle shimmer white 002Katelyn’s main focus is on handmade jewelry and pattern design. Most of her work is heavily inspired by geometry. She enjoys making very intricate, detailed patterns out of our the basic shapes. The majority of the jewelry she creates are earrings, but she is working on necklaces and bracelets as well. She hopes to add more paintings and illustrations to the shop. She is also working on gifts, including ring dishes, coasters, pins, anything that is fun to buy for yourself or your best friends!

square cloudy green 001Most of Katelyn’s jewelry is made from polymer clay, that she molds by hand into the shape that she imagines. She fires the clay to harden it, and paints it with acrylic paint, or silver or gold leafing. If she wants a glossy, clean finish, she will add resin to give the pieces a more sleek look. She also adds raw brass to add a glamorous touch.

Katelyn’s favorites are the hexagon earrings with the shimmery clay. She also loves the two-tone earring studs with shimmery clay and matte paint. These are some of my favorites too!

The holidays are coming up and this is the perfect time to check out TETRAKATE to find the perfect gift! Any girl would LOVE a pair of cute earrings from TETRAKATE.

Etsy shop:
Society6 artist page:
Instagram: @tetrakate

Summer Time Skin Care

It is a week away from summer and this is the best time to discuss skin care for those sunny, hot, summer days. The most important step for your skin this summer? APPLYING SUNSCREEN. I’m not only talking about putting sunscreen on your shoulders and arms, but on your entire body (face, neck, hands, etc.). Everyone should put sunscreen on any area of skin that is exposed. Sunscreen is so important. It protects your skin from the sun! The sun can cause so much damage to our skin, which happens to be the largest external organ, and we need to protect it. The sun can cause our skin to burn, which can lead to skin cancer, and can cause our skin to age prematurely. We do not want any of these things, so it is extremely important to apply sunscreen. (Wow, this really reminds me of all the skin cancer videos my grandma had me watch as a child!) According to WebMD, “an SPF 15 product blocks about 94% of UVB rays; an SPF 30 product blocks 97% of UVB rays; and an SPF 45 product blocks about 98% of rays.” Apparently anything after that “is silly” and “sunscreens with higher SPF ratings block slightly more UVB rays, but none [offer] 100% protection.” Definitely go for the SPF 75, if you choose! What am I using this summer to protect my skin? I’m using…

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15


I use this product everyday as a daily moisturizer. It happens to have SPF 15, which is great! I use this on my arms, shoulders, neck, hands, and legs (if I’m wearing a dress). This product does not smell like sunscreen. It applies and feels just like a regular lotion. This product is great for me because I am usually inside for most of the day. When I’m outside doing yard work, relaxing, swimming, or barbecuing, I always wear regular sunscreen with higher SPF.


Missha All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk SPF 50+/PA+++

IMG_2638This product is my favorite sunscreen and has been my favorite sunscreen for my face for years. All Missha Sun Milk Sunscreens are amazing. I choose to wear the Waterproof Sun Milk because I live in Texas and it gets HOT, which means I will most likely sweat and get oily! If I’m outside doing yard work, playing in the water, or relaxing in the sun, I do not want my sunscreen melting off. To better ensure that my face is protected, since my face is always exposed to the sun, I wear this product everyday. What’s great about this product is that it helps with oil control too. I do not get as oily as I normally would in the hot Texas summer thanks to this amazing product. The Waterproof Sun Milk isn’t sticky, greasy, and does not smell like sunscreen, which are main factors for me when choosing a sunscreen. The Waterproof Sun Milk is refreshing, has a soft finish, and strong water and sweat resistance. What’s not to love?!

3 main features of the Missha Waterproof Sun Milk:

1. Sweat, Water, Sebum Proof
Doesn’t rub off on contact with water, provides long-lasting sun protection, and is suitable for all types of outdoor activities.

2. Eucalyptus Extract for Oil Control
Eucalyptus extract helps to control oil production, keeping the skin feeling soft and refreshed.

3. Keeps Skin Refreshed in 3 Ways
Lightweight, non-sticky, non-greasy formula allows for comfortable wear even for extended periods of time.

Sunscreen for Outdoor Activities

I usually use Hawaiian Tropic, Coppertone, or Banana Boat sunscreens. These are the brands I’ve always used. I like these brands because they are reasonably priced and work well. I currently have the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen with SPF 30, Banana Boat Sport Sunblock Lotion with SPF 50, Coppertone Ultraguard Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 70 (my husband’s sunscreen), and Babyganics Mineral-based Sunscreen with SPF 50 (my daughter’s sunscreen). None of us get burned in the sun while wearing any of these products. I definitely recommend these brands for protection from the summer sun.

After-Sun Skin Care

Besides hydrating and drinking lots of water after a fun day in the sun, moisturizing and exfoliating are some of the best things for after-sun skin care. After a nice shower and exfoliating my face with Burt’s Bees Peach & Willow Bark deep pore scrub, I use Thayer’s Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula Alcohol-Free Toner with Rosewater. I then apply a bit of Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner. The Benton Toner is moisturizing and has a cooling effect that helps calm skin damages caused by stress and pollution. I follow with my favorite moisturizer, like the Énergie de Vie Moisturizing Cream. Lastly, I spritz my face with the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea as a nice pick-me-up for my skin and voilà! My skin is refreshed from the sun!

If you happen to burn, use anything with aloe! Most of my skin care products already contain aloe, but a nice aloe vera moisturizer that is meant for sunburns can help due to aloe’s powerful healing activity at the epithelial level of the skin. Aloe also acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish the skin’s moisture. The skin heals quicker because of the nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite sunscreen products are and how you protect your skin from the sun! Enjoy!

Get a Beautiful Summer Glow with Lancôme

IMG_2546Get a beautiful summer glow with the new Click & Glow Liquid Highlighter and Belle de Teint Mosaic Summer Palette by Lancôme.

I recently received both of these products as a gift from the Lancôme team (thank you!!!) and I love both products so much. I have a very fair skin tone and definitely do not have a natural sun-kissed glow. I was so excited to try these products and add some color to my cheeks and face just in time for summer.

Click & Glow is a wonderful and easy product to use. As the name suggests, all you do is click and glow! Remove the cap, click the button at the end of the product, and apply to your cheeks bones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow, or even on the décolleté area. Then blend with the applicator or your fingers. I use my fingers to buff and blend out the highlighter. It gives me a beautiful color that looks like I have been kissed by the sun.


The Belle de Teint Mosaic Palette also gives me a beautiful summer glow. The palette is a bronzer and blush duo that combines the perfect balance of blush and bronzer hues for the perfect summer glow. Apply all over the face & décolleté for a bronzed-out look, or use the shades separately as a blush & bronzer. I personally swirl my blush brush in the palette and apply to my cheek bones for a glowing sun-kissed look.


With both of these products you’ll be ready for summer and have a beautiful sun-kissed glow. I love these products and use them everyday. Today only, there is a great offer on Lancô for up to 6 deluxe samples with the code ONEDAY. Go ahead and buy the new Click & Glow and Belle de Teint Mosaic Palette for the perfect summer look and receive 6 wonderful deluxe samples.

New Additions to my Nighttime Routine

IMG_2486Hi everyone! In the past month, I’ve added a few new additions to my nighttime skin care routine. I’m in love with all of my new products. In the past month, I’ve already noticed a great improvement in my skin. I’m so excited and thrilled to share my results of the new skin care products I started using.

I graciously received the new Lancôme Visionnaire Crescendo and Lancôme Énergie de Vie Nuit (night mask) a few weeks ago (Thank you Lancô team!). Both products are amazing and great additions to add to your nighttime skin care routine… if you do not already use these products.

To start off, I’ll review Visionnaire Crescendo. I haven’t finished phase 2 yet, but I’m about a week away from finishing it. I already feel like my skin is glowing! I love the results. Visionnaire Crescendo is a 28-night dual-phase peel. There are two phases. PIMG_2485hase 1 is formulated with 5% bio-acids such as fruit acids and quinoa husk extract that work to reduce the appearance of pores, improve skin’s texture, and radiance. Phase 1 takes approximately 14 nights, but for me it actually lasted for 3 weeks. You MUST start with phase 1 before starting phase 2. Visionnaire Crescendo works better if you do so. Phase 2 is formulated with 10% derma-acids, including 0.5% salicylic acid and 9.5% pure glycolic acid. This phase reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. IMG_2452Phase 2 is also for approximately 14 nights and I’m about one week into phase 2. This phase is definitely a bit more intense than phase 1, but that’s a good thing because it means it is working! Visionnaire Crescendo not recommended for those with sensitive skin. My skin is very sensitive above my upper lip, so in precaution I’ve completely avoided this area while using Visionnaire Crescendo. It is recommended to wear SPF 15+ during the day on your face. You should be using SPF during the day anyway!

IMG_2453Now onto Énergie de Vie Nuit! I absolutely love this product! Énergie de Vie Nuit is a hydrating and cooling antioxidant-packed sleeping mask that gives your skin a renewed glow by morning. Énergie de Vie Nuit is infused with cranberry, lemon balm, and ginseng to provide your skin with antioxidant protection from lack of sleep, high stress, pollution, and daily life excesses. This anti-fatigue face mask quickly melts onto the skin, significantly protecting against water loss during sleep, leaving the skin intensely moisturized. My skin instantly felt suppler, softer, and smoother with no oily finish or stickiness. After waking up after the first night of using Énergie de Vie Nuit, my skin felt nourished, looked refreshed and radiant.


I’ve actually had the Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Eye Cream for awhile, but I just started using it again. I’ve started using the product for real this time… I bought it before and never actually used it. I do not have fine lines or wrinkles, but everyone says we should start using eye cream while we are young in order to prevent wrinkles. I am liking this product and it definitely makes the skin around my eyes feel refreshed. But honestly, I do not know if this product truly helps with fine lines and wrinkles. I read some reviews online and people have great things to say about the cream, but also say it does not help reduce fine lines/wrinkles. Maybe this product helps to prevent fine lines/wrinkles, but not reduce them? Once I finish this eye cream, I may try something else.

IMG_2459Last but not least, the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea! I use this product morning and night. The facial spray is an invigorating mist formulated with an infusion of nutrient-rich botanicals and cucumber essential water to revive dull, tired skin. Aloe vera and cucumber – both rich in essential vitamins and minerals – deliver a cooling boost of hydration as green tea provides powerful antioxidant protection. Skin is left feeling refreshed and revitalized. Mist onto face and neck as needed. Use before moisturizer, throughout the day, or as a final step following makeup application. I love this product. Next time I really want to try the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb, and Rosewater.

Quick DIY Mani/Pedi at Home

It’s been awhile! Well, I’m back and here to share with you my quick and easy DIY manicure/pedicure you can easily do at home.

I’ve been on a serious budget, which means I do not go to nail salons to get my nails done. Actually, last time I got my nails done professionally was the day before I got married in November! So that means I do my nails at home. This does take time, but it is still relaxing and I enjoy doing my nails myself. I’m a perfectionist, so I actually like being able to do my nails myself because I can shape, paint, cut my cuticles, etc. to my liking. No odd shapes or anything weird happening with the polish application. Today I was in a bit of a rush, which is why this is a quick DIY mani/pedi.

Step 1. Wash your hands and feet. This step is important. Do not want to start off your manicure and pedicure with dirty hands and feet. Plus, cleaning your hands and feet will help keep your nails clean so the polish can adhere better. If you have time, use a scrub for your hands and feet.

Step 2. Trim, cut, and file your nails to your desired shape (round, oval, square, pointed, etc.). I have weak nails so I usually keep them short and rounded.

Step 3. Use cuticle oil on the cuticles of your hands and feet. Use the cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles and carefully cut excess cuticles. There is a great 3 piece kit from Ulta that includes nail clippers, pusher/cleaner, and a cuticle trimmer. Once your cuticles are nice and trimmed, clean excess cuticle oil from your nails with nail polish remover.

Step 4. Time to paint! Always start with a base coat. I always start with the Essie First Base. Time to add your choice of colored nail polish once the base coat is dry. Today I decided to go with Essie nail polish in Madison Ave-hue (love it!). This shade is perfect for summer! This polish goes on very nicely and really only needs one coat. I did two coats today. Then add the top coat and you are good to go! Speaking of “good to go”, I used the Essie Good to Go Top Coat. You can buy Essie products pretty much anywhere: Ulta, Target, local grocery store, and so on.

Step 5. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS! Since this is a quick mani/pedi, follow with the Essie Quick-E drying drops. Actually… this product should ALWAYS be used after any manicure/pedicure. This product is so legit and the best invention ever. This product is great to use even when you aren’t in a rush. All you have to do is add a drop, or two, on each nail after painting and literally like 5 seconds later your nails are dry. I usually wait about 10 minutes to touch anything (grabbing something in my purse, putting up my nail supplies, doing things around the house, etc.) because the paint is still delicate. But the Essie Quick-E drying drops work like a charm and help speed up the drying process. Plus, they help protect nails from dents and smudges during the drying process. What’s not to love?

Step 6. If you have any nail polish residue or excess on your fingers, carefully use a q-tip with nail polish remover to remove any polish that isn’t on your nails.

Step 7. Ta da! You are now done. Your hands and feet look beautiful! Once you feel like your nails are bullet proof and completely dry, follow with your favorite hand and foot cream or lotion. Today I used the Kiehl’s Creme de Corps lotion on my hands and feet.

Yellow household cleaning glvoesPro-tip: prolong your manicure by wearing protective house cleaning gloves when doing chores around the house! We already know our toe nail polish is war-proof. Seriously. How often do toe nails even get chipped from regular everyday tasks?!


There you have it! Quick and easy DIY manicure/pedicure you can easily do from home. Enjoy and good luck~


Goodbye Dry, Itchy Scalp!

For the past few months I have had an issue with a dry and itchy scalp. I’ve tried various shampoos to try and help heal my scalp. I used a shampoos and conditioners from RedKen to Ogx Coconut Milk to Suave. RedKen was great for my hair, but wasn’t fixing my scalp problems. Ogx was too oily and make my hair feel so gross, which wasn’t fun on top of my itchy scalp. And the Suave Daily Clarifying cleanser worked, but dried my scalp out even more and made my hair extremely dry. I read reviews on other products, but I couldn’t find a product that would solve what I was experiencing. My scalp has been dry and itchy, but because I’d end up scratching my scalp, my pores would create excess sebum (oil) and cause my hair to be extremely oily. I needed a shampoo and conditioner that would cure/sooth my itchy scalp and help stop excess sebum production. One night I was fed up and decided to do another Google search for a product that would work for me. That’s when I found The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo. I read reviews on the Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo and realized it would be perfect for me. Almost everyone who wrote a review recommended the Banana Conditioner, so I decided to try that as well. Luckily there was a big sale going on, otherwise I’d be a bit disappointed on the price per ounce. The bottles are pretty small for the price. I wish the Banana Conditioner came in a larger size bottle because I’m afraid in a month’s time I will have to buy more. Anyway, I digress… these are my new favorite hair products! Within a week of using the Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo, I noticed a drastic change in my scalp’s health. I no longer experience extreme itching, scalp isn’t dry, and no excess sebum. The ginger smells so good in the shampoo and my hair feels so clean. The Banana Conditioner is a great sidekick to the shampoo. It smells great and makes my hair feel so soft! My hair’s health and my scalp’s health has improved since using both products. I am so happy I found these products and I do not think I’ll ever go back to using any other shampoo and conditioner. Thank you, Body Shop!

My Day and Night Skin Care Routines

My day and night routine may look like a lot, but I want to ensure that my skin stays nice and healthy so I can look young until I’m 100. I’m kidding, aging is inevitable, but maybe I can slow down the aging process by protecting my skin while I’m still young.

My Daytime Routine

Many people wash their face in the shower with their regular body soap. I heard from someone a few years ago that this is not a good habit to make. Body soap is for your body and not your face. I’m not sure if there really is a difference, but my face has always felt extremely dry if I happened to use body soap on my face. Anyway, I always use face wash since someone warned me from using body soap on my face. I shower in the mornings, so I keep my daytime facial cleansers in the shower so I can take care of washing my face then. I used to use ProActiv, which is okay, but my skin would get so red and raw. It was too rough on my skin. Now I use Burt’s Bees Renewal Refining Cleanser. It gently exfoliates and has really improved my skin. I started using this cleanser about 2 months ago. I really love it and recommend it. I recently bought the Tonymoly Peach Punch Sweet Foam Cleanser. It was just too cute not to buy it! It smells great too. I’m not sure if it benefits my skin as much as my Burt’s Bees cleanser, but I do like how well the Tonymoly cleanser foams up. It feels extremely gentle on my sensitive skin and I’ve had no crazy reaction or breakouts from this product. I’ll definitely keep it in my routine. I’ve alternated between my Burt’s Bees cleanser and the Tonymoly cleanser each day this week.

After washing my face, I apply the Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner. I love this product! It makes my skin feel so refreshed and clean. “Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema. It is a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores”, says Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, Skincare Expert. What I love about this product is that it does not dry out my skin. After I run out of this toner, I really want to try out the Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner

Following the rosewater toner, I use the Time Revolution Treatment Essence Mist by Missha. I have used this product for about 2 years now. I remember when Sokoglam introduced this product to their site and I just had to try it out! This multi-functional mist contains fermented yeast extract that delivers vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to refresh, renew, and rejuvenate the outer layer of the skin. It is so great and a must-have.

Last, but not least, and probably one of the most important steps in my daytime skin care routine… moisturizing and applying sunscreen! I do not have a major issue with acne, but I hate when I breakout. I also have very oily skin. I started using Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Lotion, which is recommended for oily, combination and acne-prone skin. Similarly to the essence mist, I’ve used this lotion for about 2 years now. I love it and I do not plan on switching anytime soon. And yes, there is snail mucin in this product. It helps balance oil, soothe and protect. After applying the lotion, I add my FAVORITE sunscreen of all time: All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk with SPF 50 by Missha. When I placed my first order on Sokoglam about 3 years ago, I received a sample of the All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk by Missha, which I fell in love with. I needed something that wouldn’t wear off quickly in the hot sun, throughout the day, or if I happened to go swimming so I decided to buy the waterproof version of the sun milk. This is literally my favorite sunscreen… it smells great, feels great, doesn’t give me that typical white sunscreen appearance, and doesn’t make my skin oily. I love it!


My Nighttime Routine

My nighttime routine is not too different than my daytime routine. I’ve swapped a few products and added a few products that are specific for nighttime use.

I start off by removing my eye make up with my favorite eye makeup remover from Lancôme, Bi-Facil. I then use Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes to remove the rest of my makeup. These products are not pictured below. Both do such a great job of removing my makeup from the day.

I then clean my face using my Clarisonic Mia 2. I love using cleansers that really foam up when using my Clarisonic. I’ve alternated between the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser and the Tonymoly Peach Punch Sweet Foam Cleanser this week. This is a great way to remove dirt, debris, or any leftover makeup from the day.

After cleansing my face, I apply two types of toners at night. I use the Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner that I use during my daytime routine and then apply Benton’s Aloe BHA Skin Toner. I love this product! The aloe helps soothe and moisturize my skin. The salicylic acid in the toner exfoliates, reduces sebum, and is anti-inflammatory, which is great for acne-prone skin. Similarly to the Benton moisturizer that I use during the day, the toner contains snail mucin, which supports natural cell regeneration and replenishes moisture to increase firmness in the skin.

After applying my toners, I apply the Time Revolution Treatment Essence Mist and follow with the Time Revolution Night Repair by Missha. I absolutely love this product! Anytime I have a bad skin day, if I use this product at night, I’ll wake up with beautiful skin. I’m not kidding. It is amazing! “One of Missha’s star products, this ampoule helps to give you a dewy, supple and clear complexion. The key ingredient for this anti-aging serum is Bifida Ferment Lysate, a fermented yeast that visibly reduces signs of aging and improves skin elasticity while protecting the skin. Often compared to Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair as its less expensive dupe, this serum has developed a cult following due to its ability to repair and hydrate, giving you luminous smooth and even-toned skin with regular use. The formula may be powerful, but its gentle enough for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin.” – Sokoglam

As a final touch to my nighttime routine, I apply the Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack. This product is pretty cool! As I massage this product to my face, little droplets form as an ultra moisturizing addition to my nighttime routine. The sleeping pack reduces redness and firms skin to reduce bloating. I love this product!

I hope you enjoyed this blog about my daytime and nighttime skin care routines.
Be on the lookout for my next blog post… I will review my new Rothy’s flats. As a sneak peak, they are probably the best flats I’ve ever owned!

My Lazy Morning Makeup Routine

There are some mornings, like today, where I’m in a rush and do not feel like/have time to put on a ton of makeup. I love a good cat eye and using my various eyeshadow palettes, but today I felt like keeping it simple.

I always start with lip balm. I use Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm to keep my lips moisturized while doing my makeup. Sometimes when I apply my BB Cream, powder, etc. my lips start to get dry. So I never skip the step of applying lip balm!

I then apply my go-to BB Cream by Skin79. You can buy it at, or even Skin79’s website. What I love about this product is that it’s lighter than foundation, heavier than a tinted moisturizer, but covers like a foundation. It is easy to apply. You can use either a foundation brush or your fingers. I usually just use my hands when I’m in a rush.

Following this step, I spritz my face with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. You can buy this at, Ulta, Sephora, or Amazon. I have very oily skin, but using this product definitely reduces oiliness and keeps my makeup entact throughout the day.

After the All Nighter spray dries, I apply a loose powder to set my BB cream in place. I use Covergirl’s loose powder. This powder is inexpensive and does the job. But I’m always open to trying new brands! This is what I’ve stuck with after trying a few other brands that did not work for me. You can find this product at any drugstore or supermarket.

I’m not sure about you, but after I’ve applied my BB cream and powder, my lips are covered with makeup. I wipe my lips clean and then apply the Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, which I just love! I also have this lip balm in Mint.

Now onto my eyes… when I’m in a rush and do not have time to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner, I use my favorite mascara and fill in my brows. I recently started using the L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black. I love it!!! It is a great value for the price. Then I apply the L’Oréal Brow Stylist Sculptor brow pencil to fill in my brows. I am fortunate to have eyebrows, but still have a few spots that need to be filled in. I always fill in my brows last, it is always good to judge how to fill them in after applying any eye makeup. You don’t want to over draw on your brows!

Lastly, I pick a cute lip shade to match my outfit for the day and go on my way! Today I decided to wear one of my NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.

And there you have it… my lazy morning makeup routine. Coming up next on the blog, my night and day skin care beauty regimens!