Newest & Cutest Etsy Shop: TETRAKATE

logoIf you haven’t heard… there is a new seller on Etsy! Katelyn Hanf, owner/creator/artist of TETRAKATE, hand makes unique geometric jewelry and artwork.

Katelyn has spent most of her life in North Texas. She has always been an artist since she was young. When Katelyn was young, she loved to paint, draw, and create anything she could with her hands. She loves math and science, so it was natural for Katelyn to take on a geometric inspiration in her artwork and designs.

The brand name, TETRAKATE, came from her love of geometry. She combined the tetrahedron with her name (Katelyn), because the tetrahedron is the most simple three dimensional shape, making it a surprising source of stability. I always thought there was something profound about that.

Katelyn sells jewelry (and very soon, art) on Etsy. She has her artwork on Society6, where you can purchase her art printed on notebooks, pillows, phone cases, clothing, backpacks, and so on.

booth display


Katelyn is inspired by nature and geometry. She is especially inspired by how both are intertwined with one another. Katelyn recreates natural textures, like rock or concrete, and adds a feminine twist on her jewelry. She is obsessed with matte finishes, modern neutral tones, and natural stones, which definitely shows in her jewelry.

triangle shimmer white 002Katelyn’s main focus is on handmade jewelry and pattern design. Most of her work is heavily inspired by geometry. She enjoys making very intricate, detailed patterns out of our the basic shapes. The majority of the jewelry she creates are earrings, but she is working on necklaces and bracelets as well. She hopes to add more paintings and illustrations to the shop. She is also working on gifts, including ring dishes, coasters, pins, anything that is fun to buy for yourself or your best friends!

square cloudy green 001Most of Katelyn’s jewelry is made from polymer clay, that she molds by hand into the shape that she imagines. She fires the clay to harden it, and paints it with acrylic paint, or silver or gold leafing. If she wants a glossy, clean finish, she will add resin to give the pieces a more sleek look. She also adds raw brass to add a glamorous touch.

Katelyn’s favorites are the hexagon earrings with the shimmery clay. She also loves the two-tone earring studs with shimmery clay and matte paint. These are some of my favorites too!

The holidays are coming up and this is the perfect time to check out TETRAKATE to find the perfect gift! Any girl would LOVE a pair of cute earrings from TETRAKATE.

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Society6 artist page:
Instagram: @tetrakate

DNA Keepsake Jewelry


In January, I placed an order with Sacred Legacy Arts. I ordered 4 beautiful pieces of artwork (aka DNA keepsake jewelry). I ordered a beautiful European bead that holds my breastmilk and a few strands of my daughter’s hair, a unique DNA crystal necklace, a Tree of Life necklace from Maid in the Woods (cabochon from Sacred Legacy Arts), and a 14k white gold ring. All of the items I ordered contain my breastmilk.

IMG_0942Sacred Legacy Arts specializes in preserving DNA keepsakes as a beautiful work of art in the form of jewelry. Kelly from Sacred Legacy Arts can preserve breastmilk, hair, umbilical cord, placenta, ashes, flowers, a piece of cloth (from a wedding dress or veil), and much more into jewelry. It is amazing. The process includes preserving the keepsake in jewelry-grade resin and then placing the keepsake in a ring, necklace, European bead, earrings, etc. Kelly from Sacred Legacy Arts has truly found a beautiful and unique way of preserving precious memories into a wearable form of art.

IMG_0900What is really cool about the process of preserving the DNA keepsake is that it doesn’t have to be “plain”. Sacred Legacy Arts has many flecks, shimmers, and tints to add to the DNA keepsakes. For the ring and European bead, I asked for the fairy milk blend, which looks like how it sounds (extremely magical). The keepsakes are a beautiful milky-pink with pink and iridescent flecks and shimmer. They are absolutely beautiful and I love how they turned out! For the tree of life necklace, I asked for the gold shimmer, which really hones in on the yellow color of breastmilk. Lastly, for the DNA crystal necklace, I asked for the milky opal look, which contains iridescent flecks and really show cases the brightness of breastmilk. Everyone’s breastmilk is different, so every DNA keepsake will look different. Keep that in mind if you decided to order from Sacred Legacy Arts. Plus, every DNA keepsake will be different since they are all handmade. This definitely makes each piece a work of art!

IMG_0918Shop updates are at the beginning of every month. I believe the July shop update was on the 3rd. There are still a few pieces that are available, but usually the most popular pieces sell out within seconds. The first time I tried to order the European bead, I added the bead to my cart immediately as the shop update went live. I went to checkout and after I typed in all of my card and shipping information the bead was already sold out! I type pretty fast too! As a word of advice, it is crucial to be ready to place your order when the shop updates go live. No pondering or deciding which fleck or shimmer to include. All of this needs to be decided before the shop update so you can quickly checkout and snag the pieces you want!


Sacred Legacy Arts began in 2014 with the vision to create tiny time capsules of wearable art for families to preserve their most cherished memories in a tangible, sensory experience.  Instead of tucking mementos into little boxes that are rarely seen, they wanted to find a way to take those precious memories and turn them into beautiful works of art that could be worn and treasured. Each DNA keepsake is carefully handcrafted and it shows. Every item I ordered is so beautiful and unique. I can tell that so much care, thought, and passion went into making them. I’m so glad that Sacred Legacy Arts was created. I will forever treasure the works of art Kelly created using my breastmilk and my daughter’s hair. I will definitely order from Sacred Legacy Arts again in the future! THANK YOU KELLY AND THE SACRED LEGACY ARTS TEAM!

I also wanted to give a shout out to Maid in the Woods and Anueva Jewelry. Doreen from Maid in the Woods handcrafts all of her jewelry. Unfortunately, the tree of life cabochon from Sacred Legacy Arts was discontinued, but you can still order the tree of life necklace from Doreen. She now works with another DNA keepsake artist for the cabochon that is included in the beautiful tree of life wirework necklace. She has amazing pieces and I’m so happy to have a tree of life necklace from Maid in the Woods. Also wanted to mention that her packaging is AMAZING. I was blown away about how much thought and passion went into the packaging. Thank you, Doreen! Anueva Jewelry created the ring my DNA keepsake was placed into. The empress ring is also no longer available on Sacred Legacy Arts, but there are many other beautiful pieces available from Anueva Jewelry on Sacred Legacy Arts. Anueva Jewelry specializes in handmade, eco-friendly, nature inspired jewelry. I love all of her works of art. Thank you Jennifer from Anueva Jewelry!

Pictures below of the amazing works of art:

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Rothy’s Flats

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fullsizerender-5I usually hate when I get ads on Instagram about things I “might” like. A few weeks ago, an advertisement popped up on Instagram featuring extremely cute flats. I was kind of surprised that an ad was finally geared towards me. I clicked on the Instagram ad and was led to the Rothy’s Instagram page. I read up on their products and read reviews and I was completely amazed. See the video below.

fullsizerenderSo what are Rothy’s made of? Rothy’s FAQ page couldn’t have answered this better: “Our yarn fiber is made from certified PET plastic water bottles. The US consumes 1,500 water bottles each second and, sadly, over 40 billion each year end up in landfills. First the bottles are stripped of their caps and labels, and steam sterilized. Next, they are chipped into flakes and fused into filament fiber to make our yarn that is knitted three dimensionally, heat set and hand assembled. Finally, a proprietary moisture wicking agent treats the yarn so that your feet stay cool, dry and comfortable.”

fullsizerender-7Rothy’s uses a 3D knitting process that is specially designed to reduce waste. From fabric pattern surplus to waste from irregularities and defects, Rothy’s flats have a seamless construction that successfully reduces unwanted, unusable excess. This allows Rothy’s flats to be extremely comfortable with no stiff materials, hard edges or uncomfortable seams. I used to wear Steve Madden flats and I have owned a few pairs of Tory Burch flats, I thought I loved those… but Rothy’s are 110% better! I’m serious. They are literally the most comfortable flat I’ve ever owned. Plus, they are extremely cute, eco-friendly, and sustainable!

I wanted to play it safe with the black pointed flat, but they have so many cool patterns and colors. I can’t wait to order another pair. I really want to buy a pair of the rounded toe style. I can’t stop wearing them. They are my new favorite shoe! If you want a pair and $20 off, use my coupon:

Spring 2014 RTW – Christian Siriano

I loved Christian Siriano when he was on Project Runway and I love this Spring 2014 RTW Collection even more!

Spring 2014 RTW – J.Crew

Just a few of my favorite looks from the Spring 2014 J. Crew collection.
And another reason I wish I could shop/afford J. Crew! Definitely my dream style.


I have been extremely busy with school, mainly my May-mester course (3 weeks) of Finance. I start two more classes on June 3rd (one online and one on campus) and the classes end on July 4th, I believe. I have two more classes after that (one online and one on campus) starting July 8th until August 8th. Besides having sometime to relax and play video games, I have been watching the HBO series, Girls. I really do not have time to look up new trends, write on my blog, or even time to think about fashion. But thanks to the show, Girls, I have some access to fashion knowledge. Some of their fashion choices are interesting and unique compared to what I see girls wear in my Finance course… or even in Texas. Sometimes I wish I could live in New York City just to see people with more unique style. In Texas, most girls wear the same trends that have been popular for over a year now. I am not saying that I am a fashion guru or even dress as if I am onto new trends before others because I definitely do not dress that way, but I really love fashion. If I was rich I would travel to other parts of the world and buy as many unique clothes that I could, but I am not rich and I have school to worry about.

I found great images from Refinery29 that really show a perfect way of incorporating the Girls’ look into your wardrobe.



Spring Time

Spring Time

First Day of School Outfit

First Day of School Outfit

Christmas Party Look

Christmas Party Look